Nickel Series
Nickel(II) Sulfate Hexahydrate COA Report
  • CAS No.:10101-97-0
  • Molecular weight:262.85
  • Appearance:Green transparent crystals.
  • Package:25 kg/bag (PE)

Green transparent crystals, soluble in water, insoluble in ethyl alcohol and methyl alcohol, slightly soluble in acid. It will lose 6 crystal water when heated to 103 ℃.


It is widely used for electroplating in such industries as automobile, hardwares, bathroom accessories, electronic elements, aerospace and PCB.

Advantage introduction:

Advanced production process and strict control over the production process, contributing to stable product quality;

Patented extraction technology, low content of metal impurities, contributing to industry-leading index;

The only Chinese brand that controls TOC, with low content of organic impurities, contributing to fast dissolution.

Technical indicators:

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