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GHTECH Products Overview
1.Metal Compounds:

GHTECH has four series of high-purity electronic and plating-grade copper, nickel, tin and cobalt compounds with high purity and stable performance. Most of the compounds have been recognized as national key new products and high-tech products in Guangdong Province. They are widely used in PCB, electronic components, surface treatment, etc.

Copper Series:Copper NitrateCopper Carbonate BasicCupric Pyrophosphate Copper(II) OxideCopper ChlorideCopper Sulfate Pentahydrate.
Nickel Series:Nickel Carbonate BasicNickel(Ⅱ) AcetateNickel(Ⅱ) Chloride HexahydratNickel Sulfamate Solution Nickel(II) Sulfate Hexahydrate .
Tin Series:Tin(Ⅱ) sulfateSodium Stannate TrihydratePotassium Stannate Trihydrate Tin(Ⅱ) Chloride DihydrateTin(Ⅱ) Methanesulfonate Solution.
Cobalt Series:Cobalt Sulfamate SolutionCobalt SulfateCobalt AcetateCobalt NitrateCobalt Chloride.
Others:Potassium Pyrophosphate.
2.New Energy Materials:
3.Plating Additives:
4.Other Specialty Chemicals:

Other customized development chemicals or special chemicals for large packages for industrial enterprises.

5.PCB Solutions:

Providing the deep matching specialized chemicals for the PCB wet process and having many patents. Some of the product indicators have reached the international advanced level.

Inner Layer Treatment:Brown Oxide.
Hole Conduction Process:Horizontal Electroless CopperVertical Electroless CopperSelective Organic Conducting.
Copper Plating Process:Via-filling PlatingVertical Continuous Plating.
Circuit Formation:Film Stripper.
Surface Finishing:Electroless Nickel Immersion GoldOrganic Solderability PreservativeImmersion TinImmersion Silver.
Other Potions:Coarsening agentCopper thinning additiveBlack oxideAcid etching solutionAlkaline etching solutionPalladium removal agentDetergentDeveloping solutionBath cleaning agent.
6.Chemical Reagents:

The products are mainly general chemical reagents, which have more than 1,300 kinds and more than 2,500 specifications, including general inorganic reagents, general organic reagents, special reagents and other specialty chemicals.
General Inorganic Reagent: Elemental Class, Oxide/ Peroxidate, Inorganic Acid, etc.
General Organic Reagent: Salts of Organic Acids, Hydrocarbon/ Substituted Hydrocarbons, Alcohol/ Phenol/ Ether/ Ketone, Nitrile/ Amine/ Urea, etc.
Specific Reagent: Biochemical Reagent, Chromatographic Reagent, pH and Redox Indicator, Photochemistry and Electrochemical Analysis Reagent, etc.

7.Brand Cooperation :

Merck: As the agency of Merck laboratory reagents and consumptive materials for more than 20 years, GHTECH has won the only domestic title of "excellent partner" for two consecutive years.
Honeywell:The agency of high purity reagents of Honeywell for nearly 10 years.
Hach:The agency of water quality analyzer supporting reagents of Hach for more than ten years.
Nikkelverk:The agency of 1X1 Nickel Anode, 2X2 Nickel Anode, D Crown, Crown, etc.
VALE:The agency of Longharbour R-Rounds, P Pellet, S Pellet, etc.

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