Tin plating

Alkyl sulfonic acid system adopted, friendly operation environment, with stable system;
Simple composition, easy operation, easy for site production and management;
Special additive used, contributing to dense and uniform crystals of the coating, with good welding performance;
Low content of foams, easy to wash, strong ability to resist high temperature discoloration.


3471 is a matte tin potion exclusively designed in accordance with the characteristics of continuous plating. It can ensure dense and uniform tin coating while ensuring the electroplating efficiency, thus ensuring excellent ability to resist discoloration as well as excellent weldability of the product. It is applicable to roll-to-roll continuous matte tin plating process.

Advantage introduction:

3471M: It is used to maintain fine and uniform plating;
3471S: It is used to maintain coverage of low current density areas;
3471A: Antioxidant. It is used to reduce oxidation of divalent tin;
Tin concentrate: To replenish divalent tin;
MSA acid: To adjust pH value of plating solution.
Technical indicators:

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