Copper Plating

Fast chemical polishing for short-time copper plating and high productivity;
Excellent leveling, outstanding polishing at middle and low areas, and especially suitable for iron products; ;
Clear and crystallized plating, especially suitable for plating of nickel-free parts with short time for nickel plating.


The brighter applies to electroplating of hardware and plastic parts.

Advantage introduction:

C7 Make Up: Plating bath make-up agent. It results in fine-crystallized and burn-proof effects for the plating, and works with agents B and A for fast polishing and filling. Insufficient make-up agent may cause poor leveling. Equal addition of agents B and A can keep fine polishing and leveling. Excessive make-up agent can lead to extremely fine leveling and plating, as fast polishing and leveling at high and middle areas.
C7 Part A: It polishes and levels the plated parts. Insufficient C7 Part A may cause poor polishing and leveling. Excessive agent can render excellent polishing and leveling at high and middle areas in the case of sufficient agent B and the make-up agent.
C7 Part B: It levels the plated parts, and generates fine crystallization. Proper quantity of agent A and make-up agent can lead to fast polishing in the case of insufficient C7 Part B. Excessive C7 Part B can lead to the overall filling of the plating with more fine crystallization, maintain the polishing speed, and keep away from undesirable effects, such as sandy and dull at low areas.
Technical indicators:

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