Inner Layer Treatment

Brown Oxide serves as follows: During micro etch on copper surface, corrosion inhibitor will be selectively formed on copper surface to form an uniform honeycomb microstructure on copper surface, thus to increase specific surface area and ensure good bonding force between copper surface and resin after lamination. The brownish red copper surface and uniform honeycomb structure formed upon braunification facilitate laser energy absorption, and can be applied to treatment before laser drilling.

Advantage introduction:

  • Uniform honeycomb structure is formed to increase specific surface area by more than 60%;
  • The product applies to pre-treatment of lamination for various material, and ensures stable peel strength;
  • The product applies to the production of high multi-layer board and HDI, and can pass 5 times lead-free thermal shock after 5 times lamination;
  • The product applies to the pretreatment for LDD, and can make the hole with diameter of 75~150μm with uniform diameter, high roundness, and high yield.

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