Tin Series
Potassium Stannate Trihydrate COA Report
  • CAS No.:12142-33-5
  • Appearance:White or pale brown crystalline powder
  • Package:25 kg/drum
  • Molecular formula:298.95

White/Beige crystalline powder.Relative weight is 3.197, water soluble,alkaline based. Soluble in water at 110.5g/100mL(15 ℃ ); insoluble in alcohol and acetone. Absorbs Carbon Dioxide easily from the atmosphere and will disintegrate,producing Potassium Carbonate and Stannic Hydroxide. Loses hydration when heated to 140 ℃ and becomes anhydrous.


Potassium Stannate is mainly used to replace Silver with Tin in the electro-plating process, using Tin/Copper alloy plating to replace Nickel plating. This not only reduces production costs but at the same time will also result in high Cathode Efficiency and conductivity using Potassium salts to replace Sodium salts, thereby enhancing the brightness, adhesive force and non-corresive nature of the plated surface. Mainly used in the automotive,electronics,canned food cans, and minting industries.It can also be used as a mordant in the dyeing industry,weighting agent in the textile industry etc. It is also widely used in the glass, ceramics,decorative furnishing industries.

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