Nickel Plating

Fast bright dipping and high leveling ability;
Low porosity and good anti-corrosion performance;
Stable plating solution, easy maintenance.。


Applicable to direct nickel electroplating process of furniture, motor bike accessories and automobile parts etc.

Advantage introduction:

Ni7A: Commonly known as brightener. It is responsible for bright dipping and leveling. When the content of Ni7A is insufficient, the bright dipping of the plating article is slow; when the content of Ni7A is too high, the area with low current density will become dark. In severe cases, missing plating may occur, with brittle coating;
Ni7B: Low current promoter, also softener. It eliminates the internal stress of coating and promotes uniform distribution of the coating. When the content is insufficient, the coating becomes brittle, with poor brightness in the area with low current density; when the content is too high, subsequent chrome plating may be blurred;
NiW1: Wetting agent. It It can effectively decrease the surface tension of plating solution and eliminate pinholes and pockmarks.
Technical indicators:

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