Nickel Plating

Columnar structure, good ductility;;
Good cohesiveness;
Display a stable potential difference value (110~130MV) and excellent stainless property by cooperating with bright nickel;
Less amount of decomposition product, easy for maintenance.


It applies to multilayer nickel plating for automobiles, motorbikes, sanitary ware fittings and furniture or ABS and so on.

Advantage introduction:

Ni10A: Commonly known as brightener. It iIt controls brightness and leveling up of plating as well as potential difference through combined action with make-up agent Ni10B. Its concentration can be controlled through visual inspection of plating articles’ appearance or by measuring potential difference. When Ni10A is insufficient, brightness and leveling ability of plating articles are bad and potential difference is slightly lower; when Ni10A is excessive, potential difference is slightly higher and appearance of plating articles is bright. In severe cases, flexibility of plating decreases and even missing plating happens in the low current density region. Excessive Ni10A can only be consumed by electrolysis;
Ni10B:Commonly known as make-up. It removes internal stress generated by Ni10A and promotes uniform distribution of metal;
Ni10C: Potential difference regulator. When plating solution is contaminated and satisfactory potential difference cannot be obtained by adding Ni10A, potential difference regulator Ni10C can be added to increase potential difference. It is recommended to add 0.1~0.3mL/L each time;
Ni10E: Wetting agent. It is an air-agitated wetting agent and only has external loss in the production process. It can be supplemented according to actual production conditions.
Technical indicators:

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