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Sulfamic acidCOA Report
  • CAS No.:5329-14-6
  • Molecular weight:97.09
  • Aliases:Amidosulfonic acid
  • Molecular formula:H2NSO2OH
  • EC No.:226-218-8
Specification category:
Product No. Product name specifications
1.14236.028 Sulfamic acid AR100g
1.14236.038 Sulfamic acid AR500g
1.14236.048 Sulfamic acid AR25kg
1.14236.058 Sulfamic acid AR25kg
1.14236.078 Sulfamic acid CP25kg
1.14236.088 Sulfamic acid AR20kg
1.14236.098 Sulfamic acid AR25kg/纸Drum,专供华美
Characteristic: Appearance and properties:White crystals, odorless and tasteless.
Relative density: 2.13
Relative vapor density: 3.3
Melting point(℃): 205
Boiling point(℃): 209
Concentration: Pure
Solubility: soluble in water, liquid ammonia, insoluble in alcohol, ether, slightly soluble in methanol.
Other Properties: 209
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