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Ammonium acetate COA Report
  • CAS No.:631-61-8
  • Molecular weight:77.08
  • Aliases:Ammonium acetate
  • Molecular formula:CH3COONH4
  • UN Code:9079
  • EC No.:211-162-9
  • HS-No:29152900
Specification category:

Product No.

Product name specifications
1.06042.010 Ammonium acetate AR500g
1.06042.020 Ammonium acetate CP500g
1.06042.030 Ammonium acetate Spec25kg
1.06042.060 Ammonium acetate AR25kg
1.06042.100 Ammonium acetate Spec20kg
1.06042.140 Ammonium acetate AR25kg

Appearance and properties:white solid with weak acid flavor
pH Value:6.7-7.3 50g/l H2O (20℃)
Melting point:114℃
Volume density(kg/m3):~ 410
Flash point:136℃ o.c.

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