Copper Series
Copper Sulfate PentahydrateCOA Report
  • CAS No.:7758-99-8
  • Appearance:Large granular crystals dark blue, bright blue asymmetric triclinic crystalline powder fire
  • Package:25 kg/bag (PE Tape)
  • Molecular formula:249.68

Density=2.2844g/cm3, toxic; metallic acerbity smell; the aqueous blue solution has weak acidic properties.
At 150 ℃, it loses its moisture and becomes white powder (Copper sulfate anhydrous). At 650 ℃, it diffuses into copper oxide and sulfur trioxide.


It is the major copper compounds of acid copper plating and electroless copper plating ; it is also the Cu2+  source of plating solution, which is widely used in fields of hardware, plastic, PCB, electronic components and electroless plating etc. 

Advantage introduction:

Advanced purification process, strict production control, stable product quality;

High purity, low impurity content, leading industry indicators;

Extremely low TOC content, do not need carbon treatment in make-up;

Uniform and fine crystal, good water-soluble property.

Technical indicators:

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