Copper Series
Cupric Pyrophosphate COA Report
  • CAS No.:10102-90-6
  • Molecular weight:301.03
  • Appearance:Light blue powder
  • Package:20 kg/bag

Light green powder, soluble in acid, insoluble in water.


It is mainly used for cyanide-free alkaline copper plating, electroplating of cavities of communication products and plastic pre-plating. It is also used as the chemical additive for modified plastics in LDS production process.

Advantage introduction:

Advanced production process and strict control over the production process, contributing to stable product quality;

High purity, low content of impurities, with special crystal structure, more likely to be complexed by potassium pyrophosphate;

Uniform coating, dense crystal and low porosity;

Stable plating solution, strong anti-interference ability and easy maintenance.

Technical indicators:

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