Copper Series
Copper ChlorideCOA Report
  • CAS No.:10125-13-0
  • Molecular weight:170.48
  • Appearance:Blue and green orthorhombic crystals
  • Package:25 kg/bag (PE Tape)
  • Molecular formula: CuCl2 · 2H2O4

Easily deliquesce; toxic; the aqueous blue solution has weak acidic properties; when heated, it decomposes and turns into alkaline saltCu(OH)2·CuCl2..


It is mainly used for copper electroplating and electroless copper plating; it is used as mordant, oxidizing agent, wood preservative, food additive and disinfector etc. In addition, it is used for deodorization and desulfuration of petroleum fraction, metal refining and photography; it is also used as chlorination reagent, oxidation reagent and Lewis acid regent.

Advantage introduction:

High purity, low content of impurities, without recovered copper used as raw material;

Advanced production process and strict control over the production process, contributing to stable product quality;

Soluble in water, with low content of water insolubles;

The product is dry, not susceptible to agglomeration.

Technical indicators:

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