Copper Series
Copper(II) OxideCOA Report
  • CAS No.:1317-38-0
  • Molecular weight:79.54
  • Appearance:Dark brown powder
  • Package:25 kg/drum

Toxic; irritate;Comparative density:6.32(Powder) ;Insoluble in water; soluble in weak acid;


It is mainly used for acid copper-plating process of high-end circuit boards (HDI, FPC and IC carrier boards etc.) with insoluble anodes. For other industries, it can be used for magnetic material, electronic elements, fireworks and catalyst etc.

Advantage introduction:

Internationally advanced full-automatic CuO production equipment;

High purity electrolytic copper rather than recovered copper used as raw material, with low content of metal impurities;

Strict control over the production process, contributing to stable product quality;

Fine and uniform powder particles, with favorable flowability, contributing to fast dissolution;

Low content of acid insolubles, contributing to high clarity after dissolution.

Technical indicators:

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